wGRP investment is an innovative model to invest in advertising TV campaign that stimulates sales growth.

It’s designed to develop existing businesses and start-ups that
– work in FMCG production or distribution;
– plan to develop brands and extend them to national level;
– are ready to strengthen brand recognition, value and loyalty.

But face following obstacles
– no understanding of how TV-advertising influence consumers behavior;
– no willingness to risk with a marketing budget;
– shortage of working capital (limited marketing budget).

Why TV?

More than 60% viewers pay attention to TV advertising and most consumers choose known brands, brands that they saw on TV.

Our viewers are more than 11’000’000 Ukrainians. It’s impressive number of potential loyal customers. Partnership with wGRP investment department of StarLightMedia brings you 6 StarLightMedia’s own + 15 partner media channels to strengthen your advertising campaign.

Why Us?

1. Custom-tailored approach: careful consideration of company’s business specifics and financial conditions.
2. Planning your TV advertising campaign by specialists in line with communicational strategy and relevant advertising campaign targets.
3. Tracking of competitors media activities and just-in-time response.
4. Risk sharing proportionally to relevant media investments.
5. Partner’s involvement in outcome. That means commitment to effective sales instead of general media indexes as GRP or Affinity.
6. Access to a national Ukrainian consumer market on exclusive basis.



wGRP investment model works in two step:

I phase

1. StarLightMedia (SLM) together with Partner comes to a decision to work together.
2. Partner provides company financial and operational data, advertising campaign communicational goal, financials and organic growth plan (w/o TV advertising campaign effect) to SLM and participates in working-out a media plan.
3. Partner develops basic-scenario business case (w/o effect of TV advertising campaign).
4. Partner adjusts media plan and agrees it with SLM.
5. SLM and Partner agree the guaranteed payment, media plan, SLM participation model in the results of the advertising campaign.
6. SLM and Partner agree the final media plan, business results and risks sharing model, and control tools for Partner. To finalize the deal SLM signs the Memorandum and Agreement for AC services with the Partner.

II phase

StarLightMedia provides AC progress reports and tracks competitor’s media-activities.
Partner provides monthly company performance reports together with by third parties confirmations of sales volume.

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