StarLightMedia is the biggest media group in Ukraine.

We are the leader by all main target audiences and continue to grow. Today StarLightMedia share is 27,85% percent of the market. 42% is a breakaway from the closest competitor. And for TV viewers with middle and higher income it is even higher — 55% percent.

Our advertising inventory is more than third of the Ukrainian market — 36,2%.

We are able to satisfy any needs of advertisers by reach, frequency and quality of contact. We have all necessary tools for this: 6 television stations having connections with all audiences: СТБ (STB), ICTV, Новый канал (Novy kanal), M1, M2, QTV and powerful internet proposition.

Now StarLightMedia group is 15 companies united around production and broadcast of quality, emotional media content.

We form public interests and set social trends in television and advertising. We eager to permanent grow and development, looking for non-standard decisions and found new ways to improve media. And we are ready to share these achievements with you.

Here is StarLightMedia credentials.