You are manufacturer with quality product, national distribution in Ukraine, and fair price. And you never advertise on Ukrainian TV, feel lack of disposable capital, and are not sure in TV ads effect. Then wGRP Investment by StarLightMedia is for you.

StarLightMedia group includes TV channels СТБ (STB), Новий (Novy), ICTV, M1, M2, and QTV. The group is ready to invest its advertising time and knowledge to perspective brands and growth of partner’s business.

StarLightMedia gets its return on investment from additional sales (media for revenue) or grown company equity (media for equity), generated by the advertisement.

That’s why your success became our vital concern: our ROI depends on it. Goals of both sides are synchronized. We are sure in television efficiency for building strong and profitable brands. Projects launched in 2013-2014 proved colossal potential and effectiveness of the tool, especially on StarLightMedia channels. This confidence allows us to invest our media resources in joint business project. We share with partners both success and risks of new products launch.

Today in StarLightMedia we have special Investment department who work with partners. Also we work with two investment banks — Concord Capital and Mosaic Group.



We want more strong national brands in Ukraine. But advertising agencies can propose this model for their local and global clients who wants to introduce to Ukrainian market new products.

wGRP Investment project is the best world media investment experience for the Ukrainian market.